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Wilbur Cross High School

Orientation Information and Student forms

Welcome Message from Wilbur Cross High School

Hello New Haven, my name is John Tarka

And I am honored to be the new Principal at Wilbur Cross High School.

I believe that everyday is an opportunity for our students to learn and develop skills for a bright future. To that end, everyday, and every minute matters in our students education. By supporting the great work done by our teachers and staff, we know Wilbur Cross students can thrive in an ever-evolving world. Our daily purpose is to ensure that every student has an enriching learning experience at Wilbur Cross and a post graduate pathway for a healthy and successful future. This is what it means to have #CrossPride

We have so many great things happening at Wilbur Cross for our students, from partnerships with universities, programs and pathways for skilled trade to our sports teams, arts, music, and theatre departments as well as many other clubs. We know that quality and rigorous instruction can take on many forms and our students learning is the top priority. What is most exciting is that we have motivated students, loving families and a large and supportive community that values learning, diversity and inclusion. This is what it means to have #CrossPride

We are so excited to get our school year started. We will be sharing updates on our website and our dates for orientations are August 22nd and 23rd, and happening from 9-10:30 in the morning, and at 6-7:30 in the evening. The orientations will also be recorded and posted on our website as well.

Until then, have a safe and healthy couple of weeks and get ready for a fantastic school year. Together we will do great things. This is what it means to have #CrossPride

Thank you-

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