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Ross Woodward Classical

Orientation Information and Student forms

Welcome Message from Ross Woodward Classical

August, 2020

Dear Ross Woodward Parents and Families,

We would like to extend a warm welcome back to our Ross/Woodward students and families. We look forward to working alongside you in this amazing endeavor of ensuring that our students are college and career ready by providing them with a world class educational experience. We are proud to announce that this past school year Ross/Woodward Classical Studies Magnet School has made marked progress in many of the formal and informal Assessments (Benchmark Assessment
System and Scholastic Reading Inventory which test Reading, Math Fluency, etc.) mandated by both the state and district. We are especially proud of our major drop in absenteeism, which we mostly attribute to our families for their efforts to ensure that our students are here in attendance and ready to learn. Our mission remains to be based on the tenets outlined in our Core Values: Celebrating Individual Differences, Lifelong Learning, Accountability, Sharing Hands, Service, Integrity, Critical
Thinking, Achievement and Leadership.

We are delighted to welcome our new administrative coordinator, Mr. Alex Sinclair, to
Ross Woodward! Mr. Sinclair comes to us with great knowledge and many years of
experience in the field of education. Please join us in celebrating Mr. Sinclair’s arrival
at Ross Woodward!
Ross-Woodward School Information
Instruction for Explorers begins at 9:15 a.m. sharp! When students arrive to school, they will
immediately report to their homeroom class to eat breakfast and begin their academic schedules.

Ross/Woodward Classical Studies Magnet School’s uniform consists of:

• Shirts/Sweaters: Kelly Green, Navy Blue
• Pants, Skirts, Jumpers: Navy Blue, Khaki
School uniforms can be purchased at many local retailers. Walmart, Target, Old Navy and The Gap all carry these items. Please be aware, no hooded sweatshirts are allowed in school.

Ross-Woodward virtual Orientations are being scheduled as we speak and you will be
notified via email and Class DoJo of specific dates and times of your grade level meeting.
Information will also be posted to our website and at

It is strongly recommended that you attend the orientation and complete any paperwork necessary to begin the 2020-2021 school year at Ross-Woodward Classical Studies Magnet School.

We wish you a safe and happy rest of the summer and look forward to “seeing” you at one of our upcoming virtual orientations for your children.


In continued Partnership,

Robert Davis Tianko Ellison Alex Sinclair
Robert Davis Tianko Ellison Alex Sinclair
Principal Assistant Principal Coordinator

Bienvenidos a Davis Academy for Arts & Design Innovation InterDistrict Magnet School.

Mi nombre es Sequella Coleman y soy la principal. Nuestra Asistente a Principal es Marisa Asarisi. Entendemos que en Davis necesita ORGULLO para tener éxito.

En Davis nos esforzamos por perseverar a través de los desafíos.

Respetarnos a nosotros mismos, a los demás y a nuestra escuela.

Mostrar integridad a través de la honestidad y la responsabilidad.

Dedicarnos a la creatividad y al aprendizaje.

Alcanzar la excelencia dando lo mejor de nosotros.

Para obtener más información sobre el horario escolar, asistencia, código de vestimenta, teléfonos celulares y el manual de las Escuelas Públicas de New Haven, visite nuestro sitio web davis davistreetschool es una sola palabra. Nuestro PTA también tiene la página de Facebook Davis AcademyPTA.

Por lo general, este es el punto donde tengo que completar todos los formularios necesarios.

Por lo tanto, haga clic en los enlaces obligatorios para completar y enviar los formularios para Davis Academy. Le invitamos a revisar la información adicional también.

Gracias por su tiempo y nuevamente bienvenidos a Davis Academy. Si tiene alguna pregunta, contáctenos al (475) 220-7800.

Ross Woodward Classical

Student Forms

Important Student information Documents (Read Only. Need to be signed into your NHPS Google account.)