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James Hillhouse High School

Orientation Information and Student forms

Welcome Message from James Hillhouse High School

Good day families and caregivers. My name is Mark Sweeting and I am very, very pleased to be the new principal of our Hillhouse HS.

My mission is simple:

First: ensure every HH student is SMART: sensible, mature, articulate, respectful, and a teamplayer.

We will use visionary leadership, student centered instruction, and community based partnerships to accomplish this goal.

Second: push all students to be G.O.T.: Graduate On Time… With a focus on attaining positive senior grade status and ensuring every student has an intensive plan for graduation, we will urge and push students to respect their time spent at HH and be more productive and dedicated to the goal of graduation!

Hillhouse is leading the way in creating pathways for students to leave Hillhouse with a diploma, trade, college credits or a degree from Gateway CC. Currently, Hillhouse has pathways concentrating on Manufacturing and Nursing. Both programs are growing and in their second year of maturity.

I hope you take pride in your attendance and dedication to your education; I am counting on it. We cannot graduate a student who isn’t serious about being in class, taking classwork seriously, completing class or homework and, more importantly, creating a better life for him or herself.

The Hillhouse family is ready for the start of this new school year. We hope you’ll be ready as well!

Welcome to Hillhouse, home of the SMART student! See you on August 29th.

Student Forms

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Addition School Specific Documents

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