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East Rock School

Orientation Information and Student forms

Welcome Message from East Rock School

Greetings East Rock Community and Cultural Studies Magnet School Families,  

Welcome to the 21-22 school year!  My name is Sabrina Breland and I am Principal of this wonderful academic community.  I work closely with Mrs. Leslie DePriest who is the upper school principal and the middle school’s instructional leader.  We cannot wait to see all of the smiling faces again even if they are covered by a mask.  Yes, we will continue to use COVID -19 mitigation strategies.  Students will need wear face coverings over their noses and mouths, wash hands frequently and maintain social distancing at all times.   If we all work together, we can keep everyone safe and healthy.

As we all anxiously wait for things to return to normal there are still so many opportunities to grow.  What a wonderful time to be part of the East Rock Community.  Our resources have increased and this year will be filled with exciting lessons, hands on activities, and some amazing presentations.  Community members will work together to ensure that students have fun exploring, learning and building positive relationships.

We look forward to a productive partnership with all families this year to ensure our students achieve their full potential as they move along academic bands.  In order to be successful in school, students will need support from both home and school.  We know a strong partnership with families will make a great difference in students lives.  Every member of our community share the responsibility for our students’ success and our staff will do our very best to carry our responsibilities.

On August 25th please visit our school’s website to view and/or participate in a more detailed orientation.  But for now 

  1. “Please click the “Mandatory Forms” link to complete and sign the forms for East Rock School.” 
  2. Once completed, please hit send
  3. “After completing the Mandatory Forms we welcome you to check out our homepage for additional information for orientation”
  4. If you have any questions please call the main office at 475.2205900

Student Forms

Mandatory Student Forms (Complete Online)

Parent Orientation Forms

Mandatory forms will need to be completed before start of school.
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